To know the truth is one thing.

To actually get to know the truth is quite another.

Trying to know the truth has as its cause the same power of attraction that brings the moth to light.

To get to know the truth means to take a treacherous path, where annihilations are imminent.

Treading the path to truth means for us the dissolution of our stories, our attachments and desires.
These things, however pure and innocent they may be in their intentions, hold us all bound together in our personal self-understanding and they keep us cut off from the truth — from the “holy” whole.

Freedom and joy beyond earthly freedom and joy are the fruits of truth-realization — and that is what intuitively attracts us.
But a high price has to be paid for this.

It is no easy task to give up our personal self-image and let it dissolve in pure freedom and joy.

It takes time.
It takes courage and great ability to endure unpleasant feelings and circumstances.
Above all, it is necessary to commit oneself over and over again to take the next step and the next and the following one.

But what else is there to do?

Any goal other than the realization of truth will appear small in comparison.
It is the work we are here for.

Constant questioning and self-exploration are the guidelines, as well as the feeling:

“I will not rest until the goal of all goals is achieved”.

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